99 ways to map a walk

Between the 12th and 18th February Jacky will be creating a participatory installation at Martyrs’ Gallery, Lewes

Inspired by Raymond Queneau’s 1947 work Exercises in style the installation will explore different experiences, memories and perspectives from 99 people of the same walk through Lewes.

Viewers will be able to watch the artwork developing and are invited to take part by going on the walk and drawing or writing their walking experiences on prepared cardboard canvases.  These will be incorporated in the installation for show at the weekend.

Jacky is interested in how different people remember, interpret and react to similar places and situations. Her installation will be a visual representation of some of these differences (and similarities).

Opening times:                                                                                                                                Tues 13 – Thurs 15 Feb, 10am – 12.30pm    All welcome to watch the artwork being created and take part by going on the walk and producing your own ‘map’                            Sat 17 & Sun 18 Feb, 12 – 4pm    Viewing days

2018-02-01 16.08.34

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Jacky Misson

Artist in residence for Glynde

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