Book stories…

At the weekend I spent another afternoon at one of my favourite places to be, Much Ado Books in Alfriston. So much more than a book store…

much ado books

For most of my adult life I wanted to open a book shop, but when I found Much Ado Books several years ago I immediately knew I wouldn’t. And this was a good thing! They had already created the perfect place for book lovers so I didn’t have to, it was here already 🙂

Anyway, the reason I was here on Sunday was to continue a project I am working on collecting people’s book stories. Favourite books, childhood memories of books, most influential book – anything at all. And they came flooding in from visitors…


One couple had travelled all the way from Milton Keynes because of a book the husband had first seen 63 years ago, The Countryside Companion. It had a photo of Alfriston high street and he wanted to see how it had changed over the years, a perfect example of a book story!

milton keynes couple

A woman I spoke with, visiting with her daughters and grandson, said she felt quite emotional writing her book story. She could see how her love of books had been passed down the generations. Here is her story…



and here is her grandson’s…


his favourite story is batman!

At this stage I am not sure how my book stories project will turn out. My finished piece of work may be the handwritten stories by people visiting Much Ado Books, they may be published into a little book, I may make a piece of artwork incorporating them, or photos of them. I don’t know yet. At present I am happy making my postbox for the stories and talking to people, gathering their stories.

If you would like to pop along to Much Ado Books and share your own book stories I shall be visiting next on Wednesday 19 June, 12 – 2pm and Saturday 29th June between 2 and 4pm.

I hope to see you there…


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