Day 4, 99 ways to map a walk…

Decided to bring a little friend along with me today…



And soon people start arriving….


..and more…


The big charcoal is popular…


and the gallery is filling up…


lovely comments from people taking part…


and more people turn up…


SUCH a good day today.

Loads of people going on the walk and coming back inspired to pick up some charcoal and draw.

Just great 🙂


Day 3, 99 ways to map a walk…

A slow start so I decided to make a small sculpture with some materials I had brought with me…


… some wire and some red wool…

…I imagined the walk and started twisting the wire right and left as I followed the route in my mind.

I then decided to stretch the wire into a 3d shape as opposed to a line, and link the start and finish with some red wool

This was the result..


I was pretty pleased with this. It will make it into the final exhibition alongside my shoes, continuous line drawing and all the visitor’s pictures.

Still quiet, so I decide to construct something else.  More collected materials…


..and another structure…


I’m not so sure about this one, but I like the masking tape outline of the walk on the floor.

Still no visitors today so I decide to crack open the gigantic charcoal stick I bought yesterday..


Yep, it is MASSIVE!

Decide to do the walk again for inspiration.

When I walk through Market Tower and look up I particularly like the perspective of the lantern and the glass roof. So I draw a simple sketch and take it back to the gallery (and the charcoal…)


Had great fun doing this!

Going to tape some cardboard together into large ‘canvasses’ so people can have a go at using this.


Day 2 at Martyrs’ Gallery…

First victims…

Got rather lucky this morning. A dad and his 2 daughters were waiting for their pottery class to start next door when I overheard a conversation…

Dad on phone: “We’re here but there doesn’t seem to be anyone around….. oh…. okay….. hmmmm… I’m sure my wife booked it…. ok… bye…”

Dad to daughters: “Now come on, it’s not that bad. Worse things have happened…..”

Me, calling out: “Excuse me….

To cut a short story even shorter, they agreed to do my walk and set off into the rain….


…back they came and set to work (alongside my mum who had just turned up for moral support – and to do the walk!)

Their drawings were the first ones to go up (below), and then more visitors turned up…


and more visitors…


who took an interesting approach and decided to drag a piece of cloth along the walk, collecting mud and all sorts along the way.

A few more people and I am very happy with how it is progressing 🙂


Rather quiet as the afternoon wore on so I popped out for some food.  SO wet!!  Absolutely chucking it down with rain.  Shoes and socks soaked.

So, I decide to make some shoes… like you do!


And they were actually very comfy. I wore them all afternoon, than decided to include them as a mini sculpture.

All in all a very good day 🙂

Day 1, 99 ways to map a walk…


Well, day 1 at Martyrs’ Gallery, an empty space…


Wondering what I have got myself in to!

Unloaded the car and set off on the walk…


Came back to the gallery and drew my map (above), then set off on the walk again to do my first drawing…


…a continuous line whilst walking.

Pottered around a bit.  Made myself at home. Unloaded my stuff…


.. including these 2 books which were part of my initial inspiration.

Went home.