Day 6, 99 ways to map a walk…



A few more tweaks to get the gallery ready… and we’re off!!

Three people waiting to come in before we are even open. A promising start.

Two ex-art students set off on the walk. Keen to get drawing when they return…


I love their finished pieces…

And then, the dad and his 2 daughters from day 2 turn up… with 10 friends!


Soon the kids are asking if they can go on the walk, so off they all go.

And back they come…


along with more people. Just looking this time…

Some group drawing… with Jasper!


And one of my favourite contributions…


Which I think looks just right above my little map sculpture…


35 visitors today. Some of which went on the walk and contributed a drawing.

Loved every minute of it.


Published by

Jacky Misson

Artist in residence for Glynde

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