Day 3, 99 ways to map a walk…

A slow start so I decided to make a small sculpture with some materials I had brought with me…


… some wire and some red wool…

…I imagined the walk and started twisting the wire right and left as I followed the route in my mind.

I then decided to stretch the wire into a 3d shape as opposed to a line, and link the start and finish with some red wool

This was the result..


I was pretty pleased with this. It will make it into the final exhibition alongside my shoes, continuous line drawing and all the visitor’s pictures.

Still quiet, so I decide to construct something else.  More collected materials…


..and another structure…


I’m not so sure about this one, but I like the masking tape outline of the walk on the floor.

Still no visitors today so I decide to crack open the gigantic charcoal stick I bought yesterday..


Yep, it is MASSIVE!

Decide to do the walk again for inspiration.

When I walk through Market Tower and look up I particularly like the perspective of the lantern and the glass roof. So I draw a simple sketch and take it back to the gallery (and the charcoal…)


Had great fun doing this!

Going to tape some cardboard together into large ‘canvasses’ so people can have a go at using this.


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Jacky Misson

Artist in residence for Glynde

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